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Since the dawn of time, the state of Uttarakhand has been a centre of peace and spirituality. However, it's not the only thing that it's been known for. The state has also been an ancient centre of education. It remains highly blessed by holy teachers like Guru Dronacharya. According to Hindu scriptures, it is Uttarakhand where the aforementioned guru taught and trained the Kauravas and Pandavas. And the tradition continues even today. Uttarakhand remains one of the most preferred destinations for receiving higher education in a wide range of disciplines.

Today, students from every corner of India arrive here in pursuit of higher college education. There's no dearth of colleges in Uttarakhand. In fact, you'll find colleges in almost every city or town of this state.

Whether you want to study medical science, paramedics, animal science, Ayurveda, biomedical science, yoga, engineering, medical science, management, law, pharmacy or veterinary science, you'll find colleges featuring each of these majors and more. Given below is a list of all the popularly know colleges in the state.

List of Uttarakhand Colleges by Category

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