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WynBerg-Allen School, Mussoorie

Established in the year 1888, the WynBerg-Allen School in Mussoorie is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. It is a co-educational cum day school which has students from all corners of India. Since the time it was founded years ago, the WynBerg-Allen School has maintained its tradition of providing holistic education to students.

Currently, the school has around 700 students. Out of these, 550 students are boarders. The school's main goal is to prepare children to become responsible citizens of India. All the teachers of the school are highly trained, educated and experienced to develop the academic potential of students.

The WynBerg-Allen School focuses on enhancing the social and cognitive potential of students. They are regularly motivated and helped to discover their true potential. Teachers at the school prepare students to take on the challenges of the real world and make a positive impact on the society.

All the students are provided with adequate sports facilities. Boys and girls can regularly participate at sports activities like football, cricket, basketball, hockey, badminton, swimming, table tennis, hockey, roller skating etc. Trainers and instructors always promote a healthy competitive environment.

The WynBerg-Allen School sees boarding houses as an expansion of the formal education. While residing at the campus, students can experience a string feeling of practical community living. There are strict rules and regulations that students need to abide by while living in the campus. There are four boarding houses at the school named Allen, Condon, Foy and Powell. An efficient healthcare team looks after the medical requirements of the students.

The academic session at the WynBerg-Allen School begins in March and ends in November every year. Admissions at the WynBerg-Allen School (Mussoorie) are accepted after passing an entrance test and an interview. The institution follows a zero-tolerance policy against any kind religious discrimination. The principal's decision regarding admission can never be questioned.

Contact Address - WynBerg-Allen School

For further details about the admission entrance test, eligibility criteria, examination dates and results, you can get in touch with the administrative authorities of the school at the following address.

Address: Wynberg-Allen School Bala Hissar Mussoorie - 248 179 Uttarakhand
Phone : +91 (135) 2632526 / 2630569
Fax: +91-135-2632239
Email: principal@wynbergallen.com
Official Website: www.wynbergallen.com

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